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Naujamiesty is a free city within Redanija and therefore not subject to the rule of that kingdom. It's one of the Žemynas's major ports which is probably why it enjoys such relative freedom of government.

Heraldry Redaguoti

COA Novigrad

vietoseietose Redaguoti

Žmonės Redaguoti

In the Movie and TV series Redaguoti

The seventh episode, Dolina Kwiatów ("The Valley of Flowers"), begins in Novigrad.

Žaidime Redaguoti

People Novigrad traveller
  • In Aktas I, one of the travellers walking on the roads recognizes Geralt, and comments how the raganius helped him with some garkainas in Novigrad several years prior. However, he couldn't pay the witcher for his services at the time. Having recognized Geralt, he gives him the 100 orens then, which come on very handly for a cash-poor monster slayer.
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